Sneakiest of the Sneak Previews ever!

Good Morning folks! 

And this below, is probably the sneakiest of all sneak previews I've ever done. 


So here is a small sampling of the new creations by Newsong. 
Wanna see more? See you there! Haha!

Newsong is at Site 1, Tokyo Street Event hall, on the 6th floor.
Note that there will be 3 market sites.
For easy access, take the escalator leading up to Tokyo Street and you can start your shopping from Site 1 through 3 (ending at the entrance of Ben's)

 Here's a simple map for you to locate our booth.
Click on the image for a larger view =)

Newsong will be there on both Saturday and Sunday
so if you fancy paying a visit, please do drop by and say hi!

Have a Great Day!